Thai Massage

thai massageTraditional Thai massage or Nuat (pressure) Phaen (manner) Bo’Rarn (ancient) is a therapy dating back over 2500 years to its founder Shivaga Komarpaj, a well known doctor and contemporary of the Buddha. Fully clothed on a futon, no oils are required as this therapy concentrates on pressure points and stretching motions, focusing on removing blockages from the body through lines of energy similar to meridians, nadis or sen lines. Sometimes referred to as Thai Yoga massage your body will be manipulated into yogic positions effortlessly by your therapist in order to open the joints and prevent stagnation of energy. It is a deeply transformative massage formulated from the understanding of life force energy lom (or qi) it recognises the basis of illness is not only in the physical body but also from an imbalance of energy in the mind and spirit and so also works on deeper energetic and psychological levels, making it an excellent preventative therapy.

It is the perfect therapy for those suffering from chronic pain and tension, stiffness in joints and dis-ease such as insomnia, anxiety and stress, depression, lack of energy or motivation, or those wanting a general healing experience while improving flexibility, posture and overall wellbeing.

At the moment, Thai massage is available only at our sister clinic “Althea Massage Treatment room ” in London

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