Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Kahuna Massage

HibiscusHawaiian Lomi Lomi Kahuna massage is an ancient spiritual type of bodywork that facilitates the nurturing and healing of the body, mind and spirit. There are different styles of Lomi Lomi based on the teachings from the different Kahunas on the different Hawaiian Islands. Temple-style is from Kahuna Abraham Kawai’i from the island of Kauai. Temple-style Lomi Lomi incorporates smooth, broad strokes of forearms, providing long, continuous, soothing and flowing strokes from head to toe, from the left side of the body to the right side like waves washing over you. These movements make it difficult for your mind to track therefore enabling you to relax, zone out, and simply be open to receiving aloha spirit love. Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi has been described as “The Rolls Royce of Massage”.

Be one with yourself, your body and your universe. Many comment that they felt “somewhere else” during their Lomi Lomi massage experience. Others report a “harmony” on a deep physical level. Massage can eliminate toxins and release blockages which can improve energy flow, vitality and even your appearance.

Unique to Temple-style Lomi Lomi massage is its under body and full body strokes. This provides a form of healing based upon natural bodywork with specific moves designed to touch the soul in such depth that you feel the stress melt away. It can take you to a deeper dimension of relaxation, heal ancient wounds by clearing muscle memories, bring you vivid images, open yourself to receive messages/direction or perhaps sending you into a wonderful euphoric state of consciousness. It is opening new chapters in your life.

Prices at ” Sea Breeze Sports Massage Clinic ” in London
60 Mins£60
90 Mins£85
*10% off for the first treatment for any type & duration of massage! 60 mins massage only £54!
90 mins massage only £76!

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