Sports Massage

Sports massage is a treatment that helps to identify and treat potential injuries early, which can prevent them from developing into significant problems. Sports Massage also helps aid in Post Injury recovery and releases tension in muscles through deep tissue massage and a variety of muscle release techniques such as Muscle Energy Techniques(Post Isometric Relaxation), Soft Tissue Release, Neuromuscular Techniques…etc. The aim is to maintain muscle condition, increase flexibility, enabling full range of movement, which will contribute to a overall better performance. Regular massage reduces damage to the tissues, improves circulation, relaxes muscle spasm, improves flexibility and reduces tension.

Prices at ” Sea Breeze Sports Massage Clinic ” in London
30 Mins£35
45 Mins£45
60 Mins£55
75 Mins£65
90 Mins£75
*20% off for the first treatment for any type & duration of massage! for example, 45 min massage only £36!! 60 mins massage only £44!
(In Holborn branch, the minimum booking is 60 minutes.)

Payment: by cash or cheque (you can also pay by credit card or debit card by prior arrangement.)


Prices at our sister clinic ” MuscleFit “ in Fuerteventura
30 Mins€30
45 Mins€35
60 Mins€45
90 Mins€55
30 Mins (for local residents in Fuerteventura)€25
45 Mins (for local residents in Fuerteventura)€28
60 Mins (for local residents in Fuerteventura)€35
90 Mins (for local residents in Fuerteventura)€48
*** The above prices are special offers available until further notice.

Payment: by cash or by card